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Stop the cuts and make sport affordable and accessible for all in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is Scotland's Capital city and one of the most affluent cities in the United Kingdom.

It is a centre for culture and the arts, with its world famous Festivals, as well as for business, education and politics.

Penny Spencer

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A succession of stars have honed their skills here including Sir Andy Murray, Olympic legends Sir Chris Hoy and Katherine Grainger, and Scottish World Cup hero Claire Emslie.

Yet grassroots sport in the city is suffering. It is getting harder for young people to get involved. The cost of renting sports halls and pitches is rising dramatically, knocking some sports clubs out of action, while facilities are often primitive, poorly maintained or locked up at evenings and weekends.

As a result young players and their volunteer coaches regularly turn up to find their pitches are unplayable. 

Part of the problem is years of cuts to the budget of Edinburgh Leisure, which operates the city's public facilities. Edinburgh now spends less than half of what Glasgow does per visitor to its sports facilities. 

The city's sports clubs and the Edinburgh Evening News, which has championed its sports clubs for almost 150 years, now say enough is enough.