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When Will This Travel Company Giant Cut Ties With Companies That Abuse Animals?

Public backlash against animal cruelty has grown more prevalent in recent years. More and more, travelers are becoming aware of the cruelty animals are subjected to when forced to give rides, do tricks, pose for photos and entertain smiling tourists. Many of these parks and tour operators advertise themselves as sanctuaries or rehabilitation centers but that is far from the truth.


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Lion cub petting in South Africa serves as a cover for lion farming. Elephants at sanctuaries often have to undergo months of harsh training to ensure they are docile and the tiger cubs used as props in photos with tourists are often snatched away from their mother with little regard for their health.

Tickets sales for swimming with dolphin providers, Seaworld, and elephant experiences have been cut from many holiday package providers. Companies like the now-defunct Thomas Cook had stopped ticket sales for entertainment options that abused animals. Other platforms, like TripAdvisor, have also done the same.

Yet, while many of the world's largest tour providers and travel platforms have come out against animal tourism. The world's largest travel company, Expedia still helps funnel money into the pockets of zoos and marine animal parks.

This is not acceptable. Please sign the petition and demand that Expedia join other companies and stop promoting and selling animal-focused activities.